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Welcome to the Blackbird Encryption Project, a non-profit endeavor to help bring encryption technology into the existing internet structure. Whether you have your own website, or a blog, or post to an existing web forum, you will find the tools you need here to bring encryption technology to that medium. There is no need to rebuild the internet. There are various options available across a choice of technologies to use.

The source code for Blackbird is available here, and you are encouraged to compile and sign your own applet. Blackbird is free and open source, and costs nothing to use except a little time. The tutorials are written with the best hope that even those not highly experienced in internet technology can make use of it.

Everything else you need is found linked from here.
Good luck.

Blackbird is a Java Applet intended for use in a web page and can be configured to run in several modes.

Crow is a Desktop Application written in Java that adapts the Blackbird Core Encryption System to use outside of a browser. It can be used for those cases where use of an applet is not possible or desired.

MINK, Mersenne Induced Numeric Keys, is a program that generates and maintains PAD Key Sequences for use by the One Time Pad encryption system in Blackbird. This is also a Java Desktop Application.

Nevermore runs as a desktop application and will simplify the use of the PAD Encryption System. Invoking both the cores of Blackbird and MINK (making this expandable in the future), Nevermore will maintain automatic management of PAD keys and use advanced controls.

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